theTinker is creating a future-proof education ecosystem and knowledge database, leveraging their interplay to become the premier training infrastructure for Nascent, Future, and eventual General Artificial Intelligence. Tinker University facilitates cross-sector collaborations with academia that cultivate the methods and datasets necessary for multimodal AI to observe and interpret all four dimensions of context in each part of the electromagnetic spectrum. theThinker provides open-source knowledge integration resources and hardware necessary to outpace traditional educational paradigms, establishing the motivation for long term systemic reform. theTinker is initiating the technological, educational, and ideological shifts necessary to prepare generational solutions to humanity’s great filter.

This website is a draft, most information is outdated but accessible through Tinker directly as text files. Expect the next major update within 3 months.

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Nascent Artificial Intelligence (nAI) will not progress due to:
1) Scarcity of accessible and reliable training data
2) Mediums of training data lack spatial and spectral context
3) Means of production, training, and deployment are exclusive to select organizations

theTinker provides a sustainable framework for Future and General AI which is:
- Fully open-source, free, and accessible to all humans through peer-to-peer storage and compute.

- Anchored by an immutable record that directly connects data and knowledge to sources and applications.

- Spatially and temporally contextualized, trained on all significant bands of the electromagnetic spectrum.

- Assimilated top-down using contemporary reinforcement fundamentals that model mechanisms of reality.

- Ethically managed and monetized by Defederation pipelines and a crowd model Knowledge Unit Exchange.

Nascent Artificial Intelligence (nAI) will not progress due to:
Humanity’s first Great Filter is a crisis of education, information, and inequality:

1) Human advancement is cyclical; growth driven by transmission of knowledge and cumulative innovations

2) Education systems stifle cumulative progress while being inaccessible, outdated, and demotivating

3) Means to collect, distribute, and learn from data generated by humanity is controlled by a privileged few

4) Root cause of collapses in primitive civilizations is socioeconomic stratification despite resource access

theTinker is modernizing education with an open-source framework that:

- Self-sustains using support from all sectors while emphasizing their stake in the future workforce.

- Harmonizes with nascent and future paradigm shifting technology while ensuring relevancy.

- Provides applied curriculum without sacrificing fundamentals and metrics.

- Anchors students independently by resources and sphere of influence.

- Can be easily deployed at any scope for minimal startup costs.

This is an alt/draft stream, Truman show style: NOT our primary content. I do this to make it clear what I am doing and start talking with the internet about our goals.

I might be preoccupied; the focus is my work, not this stream, but feel free to drop a follow and introduction for future reference and when I have free time to chit chat.

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Draft Introduction [to be re-evaluated in 3 months]

theTinker Ecosystem

This is a draft website.

It will take 3-9m until we are confident in each major section, relevant portions will be made public as they are available.

theTinker Ecosystem

Storing and Training 1% of humanities entire knowledge base yearly by 2034

Preventing the premature acquisition of advanced alternatives and the information crisis, to delay The Great Filter.

Providing a framework for education that is resilient to and in harmony with AI.

Giving you free and open education until the extinction of academia.

Important clarification: This will be explained at the decadal, but, we are currently NOT an accredited university. We hope to achieve accreditation by the end of our 10 year plan. We still, however, plan to provide equivalent resources and better education to that of your common overpriced University degree. Our university is FREE and OPEN; with all resources available to anyone anywhere anytime.

All researchers and students own 100% of their own IP but can choose to include it in our ecosystem of OPEN knowledge. We fund the resources necessary to provide our educational techniques to anyone so they can pursue their passion. We demonstrate the ability to create a: closed-loop, self-funded infrastructure supported by all sectors that facilitates the independent, passion-driven, resource-anchored education of K-Professional students.